The tradewinds blow from the north-east at 10 to 15 knots from mid to late November until May. This cooling breeze is what makes it winter. Don't be fooled by the travel guides that quote rainy and non-rainy seasons. The east side of Kosrae receives 180 inches of rain/year, but it is spread reasonably evenly during the year. it's not uncommon to have 1 to 2 inches overnight. Being so close to the equator (400 miles north), Kosrae rarely has strong winds. When the tradewinds stop, the ocean can be very calm considering the islands remoteness.

If you like boating, the summer months when the tradewinds aren't blowing, are usually an excellent time to get out and view the island from the water. Kosrae's rugged mountains and lush green rainforests are very photogenic from this angle. It is not uncommon to come across the resident school of spinner dolphins at this time of year also, as they are easy to spot on the glassy ocean.