One annual festival that shows the spirit of Durban is the Awesome Africa Music Festival. This is usually held in October in Durban's City Hall. In this festival, over 200 performing artists come from around the world to entertain spectators. The mission of the festival is to support and promote cultural and musical unity as well as unite the community. The festival also hosts workshops and art booths which sell traditional or modern handicrafts from the area.

Another great event to see is the Isicathamiya choir perform and compete. This occurs every Saturday night in community halls all over Durban. The dance itself means “to walk or step on ones toes lightly” and the performances are quite beautiful, harmonic festivals. The men in the choir are dressed in suits and white gloves and have clearly practiced hard to get to this level of artistry. They dance as well as sing in sync.

A relaxing event occurs in January when the Botanical Gardens offers their tours. Tourists and locals alike come to see the different types of exotic flowers while traipsing through the labyrinth of paths and trails. Visitors can   also enjoy the view of the lawns and fauna from the Tea Room or picnic on the grass.

In February each year, the Hindu people celebrate Kavadi, a holiday with very intriguing customs. It is believed that miracles occur during this celebratory occasion. Parts of the city flood with parades with colorful decorations and flowers. However, in addition, Hindu believers also pierce their tongues, ears and more, as a sign of miracles, while saying that they feel no pain. It is most definitely a sight to see (for those with strong stomachs).