A warm and gentle climate coupled with a Spanish influence has made Buenos Aires the hottest destination in South America for gay vacationers seeking a genuine Latin experience—a liberal society, gay Tango dancing, historic architecture, elegant dining and vibrant gay nightlife make Buenos Aires the must-see South American travel destination for gay travellers.

A recent  guide  is recommended to gay travelers becuase gay venues and services seem to come and go - Gay Buenos Aires Stay  has up-to-date information and is updated weekly.  

A very useful and up-to-date guide  with information on all these topics and more can be found at  Buenos Aires Gay  Travel Guide

There is also useful information at  Night Tours Buenos Aires, a comprehensive website with lots of travel alternatives for gays headed to Argentina. 

An official from the Buenos Aires tourist board has recently been quoted as saying that "Tourism in Buenos Aires is up to 5.25m visitors - a new record. Twenty percent of these, are believed to be gay".

Over the last two years the city has become well known for its liberal attitude to gay life so that it has become the destination of choice for gay tourists to South America. Argentina is now recovering strongly from the economic crisis and the devaluation of 2002 and prices of just about everything are still, compared to the northern hemisphere, at bargain level. In Buenos Aires there has been an increase, along with the increase in LGBT tourism, in gay-friendly businesses such as real estate, apartment rental, travel agents, language classes, tango classes, bars, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses.