Amazing Jakes Pizza Factory

Address: 1830 E. Baseline Road Mesa AZ 85204 

Phone Number: (408) 926-PIZZA (7499)


Resturant Description-

This resturant is Buffet Style and is much loved by familys. There is a wide selection of pizza, salad, and pastas. Also there is quite a variety of desserts to choose from. There are diffrent themed rooms to sit in like the wine terrece, movies room, sports rooms, and the tropcal beach style room. There is also a Monte Carlo Room for large grops (schools or sports teams). If you want to have a birthday here you can reserve some tables in the themed rooms or you can get a private room named after diffrent types of candy.

The food here is only 1/2 the fun. There is a big arcade area with tons of games and some really great prizes. There is also a bowling alleya indoor minature golf, bumber cars, and an indoor go kart race track. This is Arizona so it is really noce to have all of this indoors espically during the summer. There is also a wide selection of little kids rides as well. Like a small train, frog hopper and a teacup style ride. This is a really great place for familys. And the 2 main attractions here are the indoor Rock Wall and the Lazzer Tag.