The Province of Chubut, in Argentina, includes two very differents scenaries: one, the Coast, ijn the Atlantic Ocean, is the paradise of the sea mammals.  You´ll be able to enjoy the experience to sail to see whales, or see sea lions, orcas, and many birds, among them the great colonies of penguins. It is one opcion, it is the Península de Valdés, near Puerto Madryn city.

The other, 600 km to the West, in the Andes, near the city of Esquel, is the wonderfull sight of the green valleys, the forest, the lakes. There there is a must: the excursion to "El Alerzal": it is a milenary forest, some trees (alerces) arre more than 2 m diameter, and several millenium age. But the forest itself, the waterfalls, the lakes, the mountains, are unforgettable. The excursion includes sailing along Futalaufquen lake, then the Río Arrayanes (clear water, you see the roots of the trees deep in it), then a walk along a forest, another boat, the Menedez lake, you see Memendez glacier in the mountains, and the walk to the Alerzal, and there the impressive waterfalls. I´ve done it three times in my life, ech one unforgetable.