Orca watching at Punta Norte, Peninsula Valdes is the goal of many visitors.  April 2007 was a good year for visitors to witness the spectacular intentional stranding feeding strategy of the Orcas in pursuit of sea lion pups. This location is one of the very places in the world where Orcas can be observed using this remarkable hunting technique.

The Orcas are able to swim very close to the shore due to the steepness of the ocean floor at high tide. As sea lion pups congregate at the shoreline the Orca rushes up on to the rocky beach an attempt to grab one. If the Orca is successful they will frequently share their catch with other members of the pod. Researchers have calculated that 40% if the attempts are successful.

Only 5 members of the pod practice this strategy and are able to pass along the technique to future generations. Adult females can also be seen here teaching young the stranding techniques.

Orcas can be seen year-round along the coasts of Peninsula Valdes. They are at the top of the food chain and are also sighted in the area of Punta Cantor looking for penguins and Southern Elephant Seals at various times of the year.

Visitors hoping to see Orcas at Punta Norte should time their visit around high tide and understand that the Orcas are wild animals and it is possible they will not see these remarkable animals.