Bariloche is generally safe, but you should beware of petty crimes targeted at unwary tourists such as pick pocketing, mugging, "snatch and grab" thefts and thefts of unattended bags left in restaurants or public transportation areas. Be especially cautious around touristy areas like historic sites, museums and on buses or trains. If you are driving in Bariloche, don't leave valuables in the car, especially electronics like computers, music players and cameras. To avoid muggings, don't walk by yourself, especially in isolated areas or after dark. If you are using an ATM make sure that nobody watches as you enter your PIN.

    When hitting the slopes, make sure you use caution. Don't attempt to ski runs that are beyond your ability level. If going off-slope, make sure you don't go alone, and the somebody else knows where you are going so that they can alert the proper authorities if you don't come back. Make sure that you wear proper clothing, and that you protect yourself from hypothermia. Wear sunblock, as the sun reflecting off the snow becomes more powerful and can cause sunburn.