Ecuador enjoys a crisp, warm climate most of the year though it can be moist some of the time. This spring-like pleasant climate is often misty and clouded over, but the clouds don't interfere with activities. There are two seasons, wet and dry. However, at any time near Baños there could be some rain or sunny weather. The best thing to do is the plan to experience both and pack clothes that are rain-proof. It can also get rather chilly at night so one should also pack a jacket and some warm gear. The mountains are obviously much colder than the valley where Baños is located.

The mountains around Baños are influenced by the weather patterns of the Amazonian lowlands. Thus, the wettest months are June through August. It is generally true that December and January are the best times to climb El Altar while climbers tend to prefer February for climbing Antisana, and October through January for Cayambe. One should check and research if they plan to climb a mountain and prepare for the weather depending on which peak they choose.

Also, Baños on Saturday and Sunday tends to be much more crowded with weekenders than during the week. Thus, if possible, it is advised to plan a trip to the area during the week.