Prescott is often referred to as “America’s Home Town”, so one would assume you could feel fairly safe here. On the whole, that is the case.

If you look at the crime rate in Prescott, you see the crime rate is relatively low. Prescott’s overall crime rate is well below the national average, and well below the Arizona state average as well. The rate of violent crime – those crimes such as rape, murder and the like – is significantly below the state and national averages, but Prescott’s rate of property crime is quite a bit higher than the national average (though on par with the state average as well).

If you’re visiting Prescott and you’re worried about this rate of property crime, be sure to take the usual precautions – lock your car when you leave it, store belongings in the trunk, and keep your valuables and money safe, either by concealing them well on yourself, or keeping valuable items in the hotel safe.

Now, if your safety concerns go beyond the basic crime rate, be sure to make note of the monsoon season in Prescott. This season, generally just July and August, can bring with it sudden, heavy downpours that – if you are unprepared – can cause trouble. If you get nervous while driving, pull over, and always carry an umbrella with you if you visit Prescott during this time of year.