Prescott has a quaint airport with service to Los Angeles on Horizon Air/Alaska Airlines (beginning 9/8/08).  The airport also has onsite car rentals available.  Otherwise, the nearest large airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 100 miles to the South.  If you’re heading to Prescott and you flew in or arrived in some method other than a car, you’ll likely want to rent a car once you get to Prescott.  Most people who visit Prescott enjoy day drives out of the area to various outdoor activities or to the mountains. You need a car for all of these. There is no major public transportation system in Prescott, so your best bet is driving your car.

The town of Prescott itself isn’t huge, but most people prefer to drive a vehicle from point A to point B, though if you are hanging out in Prescott’s downtown, you needn’t drive from place to place. Many visitors and locals hang in the downtown area at night, and it’s an area that comes alive with people moving from restaurant to theatre to pub. People mingle freely among each other and it’s a true walker’s paradise. To take all this in from a car would be unfortunate.

The downtown association in Prescott even offers a walking tour of the downtown, so you can be sure you’ll take in everything this great area has to offer.