Sedona is located about 30 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ, where the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is located.  This airport offers service on US Airways Express to Phoenix and Horizon Air/Alaska Airlines to Los Angeles, and it has a few rental car options.  A larger airport with a greater selection of airlines and rental car options is Sky Harbor International Airport (site located here), located in Phoenix, about 90 miles south of Sedona.  The Sedona-Phoenix Shuttle offers service between Sky Harbor and Sedona, by reservation only.

Amtrak offers train service to its Flagstaff station.  Greyhound also has a bus station in Flagstaff. 

Visitors driving into town will access Sedona from Interstate 17, in the middle of Arizona’s scenic desert.  Some estimated driving times include:  Flagstaff - 30 minutes, Phoenix - 90 minutes, Las Vegas - 4 hours, Tucson - 3 hours, and Los Angeles and Albuquerque are less than 8 hours away by car.  From I-17, take either Route 179 or Route 89A into town.  These are the two main intersecting roads in town.  While there is generally not a lot of traffic in town or on the nearby interstate, this intersection can become very congested during peak times on weekends when many visitors drive into town.

Travellers who are driving to Sedona from Flagstaff should consider taking Route 89A through Oak Creek Canyon. This steep, winding scenic road isn’t for the faint of heart, but it provides a more interesting experience than the interstate.