Winslow is a stepping off place.  There are several good places to see if you enjoy scenic and historical sites. One would be the Painted Desert, located in Holbrook. Another would be the Little Grand Canyon, located close to the Homolovi Ruins State Park.  If you enjoy architecture, you may enjoy seeing the old part of Winslow close to the railroad station, and the La Posada Hotel. The famous corner is still there, but the building that had the beautiful paintings is gone. There was a fire several years back and it destroyed the building.  Another place to visit would be the Historical Society, located across the street from the famous corner. That place is a gem if you enjoy history and genealogy.

If you enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, you will find plenty of space to watch as skies are mostly clear. The people there are friendly and willing to help if you are having problems. It is a small town.  

Winslow has a lot to offer and it is in the process of growing. New jobs are coming in. Construction  may offer a little inconvenience right now, but be patient and you will enjoy your visit there.