This site has a 3 mile hiking path and is adjacent to the Territorial Prison.  Pick up a brochure at the prison (they were out of them at the trailhead) to see the trail map.  You'll get a look at how the wetlands are being restored.  The number of planted trees (with cages around trunks) and the sheer volume of irrigation piping is amazing.  The "trail" is a mostly dirt road with occasional gravel sections around the area.  There is a small amout of shade at the beginning/end of the loop, but non-existent for most of the trail, so make sure you have sun protection and water.  Not totally wheelchair accessible - two small downed trees across the path and two areas with grades steeper than comfortable to push a wheelchair.  Birds of prey were impressive at the far end of the trail, flying directly overhead about 8 feet up. Burros or mule deer may not be visible, but listen for occasional snorts or a few hoof steps. Lots of prints on the trail - bike tires, hooves (with and without shoes), paw prints (dog), people, but on a Sunday morning, I only saw one boat on the river and no other hikers/walkers.