If you are the kind of traveller that likes history, there is always Threave Castle to visit. It is not the most easily accessible of places to go as you still need to use the row-boat to cross the moat, but there is usually someone on hand to assist you or even row you over if it's especially busy. And of course Threave Gardens too. Not as close to the castle as you might expect but the are kept very well all year round, and the tea room is always a good place to warm up after a chilly afternoon walk. It is not the most wonderful place for clothes shops and has very few High Street shops, but there are some unique little places that will sell what you are looking for as long as you are willing look.

The nightlife in Castle Douglas is the best you can get locally, even though a few visitors complaining that it is quite a cleeky wee town. There are many pubs along the main streets in Castle Douglas, the most popular with the locals being at the top of the town, nearer the Cattle Market/Tesco.

Everyone is very friendly, and are always looking for an excuse to tell you some stories, especially the older ones at the side of the bars. SO if anyone asks you where you are from, answer then see how the conversation goes. If you feel uncomfortable, just make your excuses and walk away, from then on, they will acknowledge that you are there and pass the time of day with you, but will not want to know your life history, unless you wish to divulge such information. Of course, you are very near the countryside, so if you are looking for some peace and quiet, just drive along any of the roads out of the town and you'll be in the middle of nowhere in minutes.

Carlingwark Loch at the bottom of the town, along with the Putting, Pedaloes, and Play-Park, makes a relaxing day for all the family, unless of course it is raining. There are also forest walks nearby, but you'll have to visit the Tourist Information centre in Market Hill Car Park (beside the library) for more on that and everything else.