Easter island is relatively small even there's plenty of things to see. Slow motion travelling, like biking,  in such a remote place like Easter island can make the experience of remoteness and pure nature even more intense.

Some of the roads are a bit rough. Good way to move around the island is by mountain bike. There are several companies in the main street of Hanga Roa.

You might use a bike to get to main beach Anakena (approx. 20 km) or visit Ahu Akivi (7 moais) and caves on the northcoast with a bike.

Some areas are acccessible only by foot or horseback riding. Especially Maunga Terevaka ("Terevaka hill", the highest point of the island) can be recommended that way if you have an extra day to spend after your tours.

Trekking to Rano Kau, the volcan near Orongo is also an option.