For shopping in Porlamar, the primary commercial sections to go are the Boulevards Gomez and Guevara, and Avenidas Santiago Mariño and 4 de Mayo. In Juangriego, it’s Calle La Marina.

    The “Pearl of the Caribbean” is accurately named because of its rich oyster beds that yield beautiful pink, small, unusually-shaped pearls. If you want to bring home some authentic Margarita pearls, check out the Casa Avila, Calle Gomez 47. This shop is in the home of Juan Avila, the owner, who tosses pearls from a bag out onto the table for you to choose from. While on Margarita you can also buy pearls cultivated from Japan, if you want a somewhat less authentic but equally beautiful souvenir. You can find white, gray, and black pearls from Japan on the Island.

    While many shoppers get caught up in the hunt for pearls, visitors should be reminded of the other attractive objects for sale on the Island. Find exquisite wooden carvings, ceramic pieces, woven hammocks, and straw pieces that can be inexpensive and beautiful.

    Most shoppers in the Caribbean are excited primarily by the prospect of buying international objects duty-free. You can find such stores on the Avenidas of Santiago Mariño and 4 de Mayo, as well as on Calles Igualdad, Guevara and Macanao.