Who would have thought a million miles away was only a couple of hours in a plane??

Espiritu Santo (commonly just shortened to "Santo" ) is considered an 'outer island' of Vanuatu. It's the biggest island of the 83 that make up the nation, and has the second biggest urban centre, after Port Vila, but don't think that it has anything you might call a city.

Luganville is the main (and only) town. It has decent facilities, grocery shops, banks, atms, a few cafes, internet access and a great market. There's a good selection of hotels and resorts (from budget to luxury) in and around Luganville.

Santo is best known for the spectacular scenery, scuba diving and being voted twice as the friendliest country in the world, this is what brings most people to the island. The SS Coolidge is a world famous dive site, as is Million Dollar Point. These are fascinating remnants of World War II and ultimately a monument to the futility of any war. James Micheners "Tales from the South Pacific" was written here. Scenes from the movie "Blue Lagoon" were filmed here and the famous Champagne Beach is constantly voted in the top 5 beaches in the world. The best enjoyment most tourists experience in Espiritu Santo is the very low number of visitors around all of the attractions. As the island has only 15 Hotels on a huge island, everyone feels like they have their own private beaches and blue holes without the large number of tourists.

A brand new tar sealed road follows "The Champagne Coast" all the way to Port Orly, 50 kilomters from town. Car hire, Scooter Hire, bus and driver charter are all available options for exploring the Champagne Coast and South Santo Road in Luganville.

There are many breathtaking swimming holes - each unique in its own way, adventurous treks through caves and down rivers, the most perfect beaches, snorkelling, friendly traditional villages and just pure untouched wild adventure.

Deep Sea fishing, Game Fishing, Free Diving and Spearfishing charters are all available through various small companies in Santo.

Most of the island is so untouched by westerners, it pays to have a good guide. The tour guides don't have schedules, but any accommodation venue can easily arrange a trip inland for you. You'll be surprised just how much you can get out of a day with a guide. And for those who are a bit wary about pre-arranged tours, don't be. These tour operators will get you into places it's impossible to go on your own. And most of the time it will just be you with them.

Generally - the place is very safe. Malaria is not considered an issue on the island, however the visitors heading out to the further northen islands (closer to the Solomons etc) are advised to take precautions. Like anywhere in the Tropics, repellant is advised to pack. The water is safe to drink, and there's no poisonous spiders or snakes.The largest land animal are the Famous Santo Beef cattle. Luganville has a hospital, and electricity is readily available if you stay in a hotel - power supply is commonly the same as the Australian 3 point plug and some hotels have french plugs, inexpesive adapters can be purchased through more convenience stores in the main street.

This is a place to adventure, without leaving too much civilisation behind. It's like nothing else you've ever experienced and you'll never forget being here.