If you will be driving early to get to tagaytay the easiest route is Sta. Rosa. The driver would not feel sleepy because the wind will calm you instead, this means opening the windows of your car once you reach the Adventist church. This idea will save you gas and will make you more excited to get to your destination. First stop is Starbucks Tagaytay! You'll surely enjoy the scenery and the view. You will not only enjoy the coffee but you'll get to enjoy the atmosphere, view and people as well.Next spot to go is Calaruega.This is approximately 30 minutes drive from Starbucks, but this drive will surely bring you to the next beautiful place you want to be. Calaruega is after Nasugbu boundary. This is surely a paradise. Good for those who want to share some moments with God and for those who want to bring in new sites in your pictures. This is also the place for those lovers out there who have a good budget for a church. You have two options to choose from: Chapel on the Hill or Calaruega. Just in time for your lunch date.. where else do you go to? You have a lot of places to choose from: Sonia's garden, Leslie's etc.