Starting his business in a 6' x 12' trailer in Villa Park , Illinois , Mr. Portillo opened his first hot dog stand, "The Dog House," in 1963.   His hot dog stand stood without a bathroom or even running water, yet he was still able to turn this $1,100 investment into a multi-million dollar per year chain.   Portillo's has 36 locations around Illinois and made it to Buena Park in 2005.   It's become a hit and is a favorite among both visitors and locals.  

Portillo's is anything but standard "American". In the Chicago area they have over 20 Portillo's.  It is a Chicago legend and Buena Park visitors are happy to get a taste of that east-coast flavor.  At this particular location, Portillo's carries on the 20's theme with an old train dinning car exterior, and continues the motif on through the interior of the restaurant.   You'll be entertained while you eat, looking around at the enlarged black and white photos, neat little gadgets, and bright neon signs.   Or enjoy the sunlight and sit in their covered outdoor patio.   Portillo's specialty is their Italian beef. The burgers are terrific and you can also get a true Chicago hot dog here. Save some room for their chocolate cake.  Don't expect to eat low fat here.  

Take a look at more of their Chicago-style eats, here on their online menu.

HOURS OF OPERATIONS:   Sunday-Friday 10:30am-10:30pm; Saturdays till 11pm  

TAKE-OUT:  Take-out is available by just calling in and placing your order.   They also have a quick and easy drive through (You can pick up your order at the bar or through the drive-up.)