There's gold in them thar hills!

Jackson was founded in 1848 alongside a spring. The population, spurred on by placer mining, quickly grew. However, unlike many old west towns that collapsed after the easy gold mining had played out, Jackson continued to grow and prosper.  Its location between Sacramento and the mining camps to the south, plus the abundance of water and cattle grazing land helped it to become a permanent town. Although much of it was destroyed by a fire in 1862, many of the buildings in old town today date from just after the fire.

The famous Kennedy Gold Mine, in operation from 1860 to 1942 was the deepest gold mine in north America. The exterior is open today for visitors, along with several other mines in the general area. Note: the Kennedy Mine tours are from March - October, on weekends and holidays only. 

The Kennedy Tailing Wheels  is a unique attraction that showcases a century-old engineering marvel set in a pleasant park. There is a beautifully maintained historic Pioneer Cemetery which is well worth a visit, as well as an historic Jewish Cemetery.

You can stop by the Jackson Visitor's Center and get a free Walking Tour map, which is a great guide to the many historic buildings and places of interest. Two unique places are the first Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States, as well as the original "rock walls" that helped form the foundation of some of the town's first buildings.

Many downtown buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places. Antique stores, specialty shops and good restaurants are plentiful. There are several motels and B&Bs, and an excellent Good Sam 10/10/10 rated RV Park at the nearby Rancheria. With a current population of about 5,000 people, most modern goods and services are available in town.

Summer temps can be very warm, with an average in the high 80's or 90's. Winters are cool yet fairly mild, with a small amount of snow falling each year.

Jackson is a pleasant historic town to visit :-)