Klamath is a very small town located in far northwest California.  Redwood National Park is to the north, south and west of the town.

Klamath, California should not be confused with the similarly named "Klamath Falls", Oregon!

Klamath is mainly a native American Indian town. It's located just inland from the ocean along the banks of the Klamath River. This river is the second largest river in California and flows for over 250 miles. 

In 1964, Klamath was completely destroyed in the "1,000 year flood" that hit northern California and southern Oregon.  The town was rebuilt at its present location which has a higher elevation. All that remains of the old town are a few concrete foundations along the riverbank, amongst a small deciduous forest which has grown up there.

The river is an important part of life in Klamath, and you'll find many recreational fishing and boating opportunities. In the summer, a fast and exciting jet boat ride runs upriver.

Although there are few redwood trees actually in town, you don't have to go very far to find countless numbers of the huge trees. Klamath is the home of one of only three remaining "drive-thru" redwood trees in the state -- any regular sized car as well as small SUVs will fit.

There are many hiking and walking paths around Klamath, as well as a beach where the river meets the ocean. A drive up to the top of Requa Road will reward visitors with a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, river and ocean. 

Lodging in town is limited, although there is a brand new Holiday Inn Express which opened summer of 2014. The Ravenwood is a modestly priced, well cared-for older motel, and the Requa Inn is an offbeat, historic B&B. There are several RV parks and campgrounds in or near Klamath; two of the RV parks are located right on the river.

Eateries are also limited. At the Pem-Mey Express, there is a good fast food restaurant with a surprisingly varied menu. The Requa Inn serves upscale dinners, and there are a couple of diners in town.

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View from top of Requa Road:                                           

Klamath River 


Klamath River, looking east:

Klamath River