Right by the pink wedding cake of a hotel known as the "La Vee" by locals, and the La Valencia to the rest of us, there is a marvelous boutique called Pomegranate.  Wonderful clothing by unique or up-and-coming designers for real women in patterns and fabrics that you will wear for years. Cheap?  No, but when you amortize how much you will wear this gorgeous item(s), a super deal.  From wardrobe basics to the perfect accessory, eureka!  If you're looking for a little bling, this should be one of your first stops.  Not only are the owners Mell and Isabelle Wasserman dedicated collectors with a wealth of willingly-shared knowledge, but the staff is equally adept at explaining the details of some of the exquisite vintage jewelry, along with modern costume pieces from designers personally hand-picked by the owners. 

Shop at your leisure where it is unique and unusual, then mosey over the the La Vee for a great lunch.  Or ask the brilliant staff where they like to go.