Located about 160 miles north of San Francisco, getting to Mendocino by car is easy. The city is right along State Route 1, and is also accessible by US Highway 101 and US Highway 20. If you’re in a hurry then the 101 is the way to go, but Highway 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway, takes you up along the coast from Sonoma. It is a longer route, but the drive along the Pacific can be pleasant and Mendocino makes for a nice diversion. The road can be winding and at times however, but driving is your thing, it doesn’t get much better than this.

And while most air travelers will likely have to come from San Francisco, there are two smaller airports that do service the Mendocino area. The Ukiah Airport offers some commuter flights. It is located at 1417 S. South Street in Ukiah, CA. The phone number is 707-467-2817.

The Little River Airport, at 43001 Little River Airport Road in Little River, CA, offers service via Coast Flyers Inc. They even provide car rental, as well as scenic flights over the Mendocino County area.