According to the Sacramento website , tourist travel in Sacramento is "comfortable, safe, and convenient..." Somewhat contradictorily, however, in a letter to the city, Chief of Police Albert Najara writes, "The Sacramento Police Department is working to make the city of Sacramento a safe place... "

Research does show that the city is striving to improve and implement strategies that will maximize tourist and citizen safety, such as parking, transportation, and pedestrian linkage to tourist attractions and shops in the downtown area (Old Sacramento), which draws the most visitors. 

Any large city, however, has its threats, so its good to be your own best friend. Here are some tips: don't wear expensive jewelry on an outing, wear a money belt (or wallet in pocket) instead of a purse. Regarding traffic safety, try to avoid the rush hours (mornings 6-9 am, afternoons 3-6 pm).

If you're staying at a hotel, ask about the safety of the surrounding neighborhood. Though it goes without saying, do not leave luggage, children, or any other valuable item unnattended. Stay alert and trust your instincts, and do not at travel at night except to well lit, public places. It's also a great idea to be sure 911 is programmed into your speed dial.