This hike is a popular one with the locals.  You will encounter many Cal Poly students.  The ascent is somewhat more rigorous than is generally depicted.  Sturdy shoes are necessary, as is water.  At many places the footing is rocky and requires a climb, not merely a walk.  While the rules in force require all dogs on the trail to be on leash, look for half to be off leash, leading to some confrontations on the trail by these animals off leash, while owners scramble to control their dogs.  This makes for a sometimes dangerous situation, as the trail narrows at several spots. 

 To reach the uppermost peak, you will need to scale large boulders, with no trail, some 60 -70 feet above the upper trail head where there are two benches on which to rest.  Off trail excursions are not advised.  At the top there is a placque memorializing a 20 year old man who fell to his death in 2005 while  hiking off trail.

Ascent on a cloudy day may be much more enjoyable, as generally there are then cool breezes coming in from the sea. The views from the summit are rewarding in every direction, less so, perhaps to the north.  A worthy climb to which one should commit a total of three hours under most circumstances.