Santa Barbara is a walker’s paradise. Much of the shopping, dining and entertainment is found in the fairly compact downtown with pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Most people park their cars and then walk around the area, enjoying the temperate weather and many sights and sounds.

If you’re not much of a walker or you get tired, try a pedicab, which is really a Santa Barbara version of the rickshaw.  

If you like the activity of self-powering yourself around town, consider riding a bike. There are a number of bike trails with beautiful views. You might just enjoy your bike ride and then head into the downtown for a rewarding treat.

Santa Barbara encourages the use of transportation beyond passenger cars, so the city is built with pedestrians and bicyclists in mind, but if those two options don’t suit you, there are other choices. The city employs the use of electric buses that can shuttle you from hotel to restaurant to gallery. Or you might rent an electric scooter or Segway to get you where you want to go. 

Finally, if you want to be shuttled from one chosen place to another, consider taking a taxi. There are several taxi companies to choose from in Santa Barbara and, unlike many larger cities, cab rides can be fairly inexpensive here since the area is compactly designed.