There are a number of theaters and venues here offering live performances, which should come as no surprise considering Los Angeles is the mecca for live performances of all sorts (music, theater, street performers..). The Santa Monica Playhouse, Powerhouse Theater, Edgemar Center for the Arts, Miles Playhouse, The People's Theatre, and Morgan-Wixson Theater are just some of the options that travelers have when looking for a way to spend a night out.

There are also many options for family entertainment during the daytime hours too. World class entertainment can be found at Magicopolis, Puppetolio, Santa Monica Playhouse and don't forget to visit the vintage carosel on the Santa Monica Pier.

Live music is something else that Santa Monica is known for, with a variety of clubs and bars that either have live bands performing nightly or on specific nights.Course, you don't even have to necessarily hit the clubs to hear new music - just walk down the Third Street Promenade where there are always street performers out in mass.

Or if you'd rather catch the latest film, you'll find a theater on almost every corner (at least along the Promenade) so you can take in a show on the silver screen and really get into the Hollywood spirit.