There is plenty to do in Sonora, California. For instance there is the Black Oak Casino if you are interested in gambling, live music, bowling, drinks and more. Plenty of antique shops and restaurants of all sorts: mexican, american, chinese , BBQ. Local attractions are Columbia State Historic Park where you can see a what it is like  in the older days where the employees there dress in costume, you can make candles go gold panning, and ride through town in carriage with horses pulling you.

Yosemite National Park is about a hour away there you can view nature at its finest. Plenty of wine tasting around Sonora. There are caves that can be toured and they are between 30 minutes to an hour away.  Any snow sport you can possibly imagine is around when season permitts it. Dodge Ridge is about an hour away as well as Bear Valley. Golf Course is about 15 minutes away.  White water rafting is close by.

Whether you are here on a adventure for yourself or with your family there is tons to do in Sonora and around. All you have to do is find any hotel and or motel and the front desk staff will gladly tell  you where to find these places as well as give you brochures to others you might like as well. Enjoy Gold Country where striking it rich is only a gold pan away.