Set amidst rolling hills, Yreka is a pleasant small town located along I-5 freeway in the far north of California.  The name "Yreka" is an Indian name for Mt Shasta, which is visible from the area. Yreka was founded on gold, and people found it was a pleasant place to live, so unlike many western towns it did not fold after the brief gold rush. A fire burned much of Yreka in 1871, so the center part of town was rebuilt with bricks, and it remains today as an historic area.

Yreka offers several types of lodging to fit most budgets, ranging from B&Bs to modern motels. There is a pleasant RV park just east of thefreeway.  Old Town - Miner and Third Streets - has many interesting and quaint shops located in historic buildings. Yreka may be a small town, but right outside of its borders is a wonder playland. Mountains, hills, rivers, trees, and wildlife await you. The Shasta River winds along just east of Yreka, and provides plenty of summer recreational opportunities.

Just north of Yreka, the Klamath River passes by, heading to the Pacific Ocean. For a great drive, you can follow Hwy 96 along the Klamath River, then make a "loop" south through Scott Bar, then take Hwy 3 back up over Forest Mountain summit back to Yreka. There is a great deal of history along this route, and you can still see a stretch of the old wagon road.  The scenery is beautiful with valleys, lakes, rivers and grasslands.  Bring your lunch with you and top up your tank before leaving Yreka, as services are extremely limited along this route. The road is paved but narrow around Scott Bar.

Yreka has two interesting "man made" outdoor attractions. There is a huge dragon on the north end of town and a very large cow on the south end - both along the freeway. These are multi colored metal sculptures done by a local artist.

There is an excellent museum in town, the Siskiyou County Museum, located on old Hwy 99. Another attraction of local interest is the Chinese Memorial Cemetery on Route 3 just east of the freeway.  There are several parks in Yreka, including the large and delightful Greenhorn Park with its own lake and "ghost town".

Enjoy your visit to Yreka!

Photo - Majestic Mt Shasta as seen from a farm just east of Yreka:

Mt Shasta seen from Yreka 


Photo - Rainbow over Yreka. Taken from Yreka RV Park: 

 Rainbow over Yreka