Mount Pisgah Cemetery contains the graves of Susan "Doc Suzie" Anderson, the lady frontier doctor on whose life the TV show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was based.  Here, too, is the last resting place of  famous madame Pearl de Vere and other Colorado notables, both famous and infamous.  The life and death of Pearl de Vere was shrouded in mystery.  From the 1870s to the 1950s, bouquets of white roses mysteriously appeared on Pearl's grave.  Try as they might, town folk never discovered the identity of the secret admirer.  It is traditional for visitors to leave tokens on Pearl's grave.  On any given day, one may find an odd assortment of money, keys, flowers, road maps, toys, sticks of gum and, of course, white roses.  Be sure to visit Pearl's house in Cripple Creek, the Old Homestead Museum.