A beautiful Mountain Drive down Route 67.  Photos ops galore....but pull off the road. The beauty on the 67 Drive is breathtaking. 

Cripple Creek and the adjoining town of Victor is the "World's Greatest Gold Camp".  More gold was mined here then anywhere else in the world.  The town burned down twice in it's shady past filled with corruption, mining, bars, red light district, etc.  This little town has a facinating history, including alot of the old building's ghosts.  Be sure to stop in the visitor's center and the history museum, which are the first buildings on your left when you go down the BIG HILL (Foothill).  They can give you allot of information.

Don't be afraid of the donkey's that roam free, but keep your distance...and don't feed them.  They are the ancestors of the donkeys that the miners used during the great gold rush, so they are protected.

The town is now home to several casinos with slots and some table games.  Colorado offer a wide range of gaming with maximum bets of $100, extended casino operating hours as well as craps and roulette.