Denvers nightlife scene has steadily improved over the years and now Denver can offer some exceptional venues for dancing, drinking, or whatever else your heart desires....

  • Sing-Sing: A piano bar located in LoDo. The bar is situated around two dualing piano players who'll gladly play requests for the entire audience to enjoy and sing along to. You'll sing everything from "Dancing Queen" to " Sweet Caroline", it's a very enjoyable evening for everyone! - According to Google Maps, this place is now closed. 
  • Fado's: An Irish bar that looks like something you'd find in the heart of Dublin. Painstakingly decorated to look authentic, Fado's is a good place to escape and enjoy a pint, or two.  
  • The Tavern: A great rooftop bar that overlooks Coors Field, a popular place during baseball season and a great place to spend a summer evening.
  • Suite 200: A favorite among the Broncos Cheerleaders, Nuggets get the point: Suite 200 is the place to see and be seen! A very trendy club on the very trendy Larimer St. (
  • BETA: Considered to be the top dance club in Denver, it was recently voted one of the top dance clubs in the world! This nightspot is always happening and hosts some of the best DJs in the world. If you want to dance, this is the place to be! (
  • The Church: Was once exactly what the title implies: a church. Now, serving as a multi-level dance club and bar, The Church is an opulent, decadent and ornate place to dance at. The uniqueness of the venue has allowed it to withstand the trends of the years, and The Church still remains an enjoyable venue for dancing. (
  • Double Daughters: If Tim Burton had a bar this is what it'd look like! This saloon is small is size, but big in personality! The crowd is a mixture of young executives in suits, frat boys in polo shirts, and gothic princesses all mingling in this unique bar.
  • The Corner Office Restaurant and Martini bar: A relatively new addition to Denver, the trendy and modern decor of this bar seems closer to something you'd see in a bar you'd find in New York City. It's an enjoyable place with a unique martini menu.
  • Celtic Tavern: A massive bar where you can find a little corner for conversation, or meet new friends in the endless maze of rooms this place seems to have. If you want a big bar, this is the place!
  • Colfax Ave: After a long rehabilition, Colfax has come back in a big way! There are dozens and dozens of restaurants and bars to explore that'll fit any mood!

Denver has a lot of new and exciting bars and clubs opening all of the time, and sometimes it's fun to wander and see what you can find around any corner!

Lower Downtown, and Downtown Denver in general, is the epicenter of Denver's night-life and dining scene. Other city-center districts with a vibrant foodie culture include Lower Highland and Cherry Creek. There are over 1,000 restaurants and bars within a two-mile radius of Downtown Denver.