Virtually any kind of cuisine can be found in the Mile High City. Yes, even vegetarians can find plenty to keep them satisfied. While most of the best restaurants, in general, are located near the city center, surprisingly, most of the best ethnic cuisine is not. With the exception of Mexican and Italian food, most good authentic ethnic cuisines are found outside the city center. For the best Indian, head to the SE Denver metro area. For Vietnamese, head to South Federal in west Denver. Ethiopian can be found east of the state capitol heading toward Aurora out on Colfax Ave.

Perhaps the most useful source of dining information is the annual "Best of Denver issue" of Denver's weekly newspaper Westword. The selections, ranging from "Best Thai Food" to "Most Romantic Restaurant" to "Best Restaurant to Go When Someone Else is Paying" are all available on Westword's website. More dining suggestions and reviews can be found in the the dining sections of the daily newspapers Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.

Currently, the best restaurants in Denver (and nearby) include Mizuna (in Denver) and Frasca (in Boulder).

Good steakhouses include: Capital Grille, Morton's, and Denver Chophouse. Other "classic" (read Old School) Denver establishments include The Broker, and Palace Arms at the Brown Palace Hotel.

The Falling Rock Taphouse is THE joint to go for beers on tap...

For views, your choices are rather limited. The bar, Peaks Lounge, in the new Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Colorado Convention Center has fabulous, sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains, along with appetizers, drinks, and desserts. At the Grand Hyatt Denver Pinnacle Club Restaurant and Bar, you can get both the spectacular views AND dinner.

Tea in the lobby of the Brown Palace Hotel is another Denver tradition that should be booked in advance.

For less elegant dining, Pete's Kitchen on Colfax is a Denver institution (greasy spoon) serving breakfast 24 hours/7 days a week. Bump & Grind Cafe serves a famous brunch as well: Petticoat Bruncheon. On weekends, the (generally hairy) male staff there dresses in drag while they serve your breakfast. It's loads of fun but not for the overly straightlaced. The Mercury Cafe is yet another Denver institution--serving as much local and organic food as possible, the Merc not only is a great choice for meat eaters and vegetarians, but even VEGANS are taken care of here.

The website OpenTable is very useful for booking reservations at many of the best restaurants in town.

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