The town of Glenwood Springs is rather small, caters to the outdoor crowd, and due to this the nightlife selection is not very vast.  Then again, most visitors to Glenwood don’t come in search of all night parties and raging nightclubs.

            The nightlife in Glenwood is fitting of the town’s laid back atmosphere. There are no all-night party spots, but many establishments offer entertainment that is perfect after a hard day of playing in the Rocky Mountains.     

            Butch’s Smokehouse and Sports Bar is a great place to catch a football game, eat some BBQ, or play some Texas Hold ‘em.  Karaoke is offered every Friday night and can get pretty wild. 

            The Bayou is a delicious Cajun restaurant, which on Fridays and Saturdays stays open until midnight serving drinks. 

            For more information about the many restaurants in the area, check out the Dining List .

            There are four bars in town, which are allowed by law to stay open until 2am, but based on demand may close earlier.  For location and contact information about these establishments, check out the Bars List .

            A unique nightlife opportunity offered in Glenwood is heading to the Hot Springs Pool for a late night swim.  Year round, the pool is open until 10pm.