Ouray Colorado has rich history with the Native Americans that lived here for centuries before American settlers arrived. Chief Ute Ouray was a peaceful chief that went along with a treaty to sign over the land to the settlers. From there the gold rush and the area's beauty creating a booming little town surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. There is so much history behind this classic Colorado town that doing some background reading can really help enhance one's understanding of the town and area and thus enrich one's stay.

Going far back in Ouray's history, you can learn about Cheif Ute Ouray by checking out " Ouray: Chief of the Utes" by P. David Smith.

To get more generalized history, the following are great picks:

Also look into the following topic-specific books and guides to Ouray:

  • "Ouray Hiking Guide: Favorite Hiking Trails of Ouray, Colorado" by Kelvin B. Kent
  • " Mines of Ouray and San Miguel Country" by William Weston
  • "Biking Ouray: A Mountain Biking Guide to Ridgeway and Ouray" by Marcus Wilson