Ouray is a place to go and play outside. It is a hiker's dream and from there continues with a plethora of options from white-water rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, to just chilling in natural hot mineral spring baths, the list goes on and on.

There are more than 65 major hiking trails in Ouray and of all different experience levels. When hiking you'll want to have layers of clothing and be prepared for the rain and ever-changing mountain weather. Visit the Ouray Trails website for more area hiking information.

Jeep and white water rafting tours are extremely popular here. The rafting can be of different levels so that even children can go. Jeep tours are exciting, they climb up the mountains offering top-notch views while your guide lets you in on the area secrets. Check out the following excursion group leaders for more ideas:

In the winter, ice climbing at the Ouray Ice Park pleases all ages. Speaking of ice, ice-climbing is also a popular winter sport! Even if you don't want to try, watching can be entertainment enough. The Ouray Ice Festival takes place every  January and is an amazing showcase of talented ice climbers that dare to climb treacherous sheets of spiky ice to the awed and nervous spectators.