Snowmass Village is a largely tourist residential area located at the base of the Snowmass ski resort. It is a little less than 10 miles away from Aspen, 20 minutes by car, 30 minutes by bus. Aspen Airport is between Aspen and Snowmass (about 10-15 minutes by car).

The center of the village consists of "Snowmass Base" and "Snowmass Mall", both located at the main ski base area. The Mall is a little above the Base. Most of the restaurants and ski shops are located at the Mall. There is a separate shopping area (closer to the Base) where there is a market, a drug / liquor store, and other shops. There is a gas station in the Village. The bulk of the village is 3 miles up from the junction with Colorado 82, the main road to Aspen or Glenwood Springs ( Interstate -70). There are many vacation condos here.

There are two free shuttle systems, one which goes around Snowmass Village, and the RFTA which takes you to Aspen (and other ski resorts). The two shuttles have their bases at the Snowmass Mall, but there are other stops along the main road and the Base. Parking is available near both the Mall and the Base for a fee during ski season. Driving is somewhat discouraged in order to reduce traffic. In comparison to Aspen, Snowmass Village is less of a town. There are no city blocks per se; there are no streets lined with retailers. Prices for lodging and restaurants tend to be less expensive in Snowmass.

In general, it takes about 30 minutes to get to Aspen or the other ski resorts by bus. Going to Aspen Highlands (from Snowmass) often requires a transfer between two buses. The buses have exterior ski holders. Since the buses drop off passengers close to each ski base, many skiers wear their ski boots to the resorts (as opposed to regular shoes). However, there are storage areas (often free) at each resort if you don't want to walk in your ski boots.

There are four ski resorts ("four mountains") in the area, all under one lift ticket: Aspen (aka Ajax), Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. Snowmass is by far the largest area with the most varied terrain. Aspen is pretty much in the town of Aspen, it is more of an advanced / intermediate mountain. Buttermilk is near the airport and it's reputed to be the mountain for beginners and families, but there is plenty of intermediate skiing here. Highlands is more of an intermediate mountain which is also popular with families / kids.