Vail is a resort town. The people who are in Vail Village on any given night are most likely either working there or on vacation. During the winter, vacationers usually spend the day skiing, the afternoons resting, the early evenings eating dinner, and the late evenings having fun in town.

While skiing is a tiring sport and leaves many people with a need to get in bed at 8 p.m., there are many people who enjoy partying during the nighttime hours. For those who want to stay up late, there are plenty of restaurants and bars that stay open and provide live music and entertainment. There are several types of musicians who work in Vail, including those who specialize in jazz, piano, classical, and pop.

The restaurants in Vail Village and in Lions Head do just about everything they can to make their patrons are happy because visitors and tourists to the Vail area are practically the only source of income that keeps them in business. So, the waiters, waitresses and entertainers in the restaurants and bars work very hard to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Vail was not a town at all until the ski resort was created. Because much of Colorado consists of what used to be mining towns, some of the restaurants and bars in Vail are designed to mimic classic Western saloons. These locations are fun to visit because they provide a certain type of “Old West” atmosphere that is unique to this part of the world.

Use the tips and advice below to learn all the local's tips on the best nightclubs and bars in Vail:

  • Visit Shakedown Bar Vail, located at the top of Bridge Street just east of the fountain, for live music featuring excellent local and visiting performers.
  • Enjoy the Wednesday night Pub Crawl in Vail Village with raffles, giveaways and drink specials.
  • Top outdoor decks to spend your afternoon include Garfinkel's and Los Amigos.
  • Club 8150 hosts live music year-round.
  • In the spring or summer, have a drink at 10,000 feet on the beautiful Talon’s Deck at Eagle’s Nest located at the top of Lionshead Gondola.
  • Phil Long’s nightly performances at the Red Lion in Vail Village are a lot of fun and a great place to see Vail’s more interesting visitors.
  • Try Lionshead Liquors behind the Landmark Tower at the base of the Gondola to find all the perfect ingredients for your favorite cocktail or to pick up your favorite Colorado microbrew.
  • The Sandbar in West Vail serves food until 1:30am if you’re looking for a late night snack.
  • Start early to get two-for-one specials and catch the best Happy Hour deals.
  • Ask the front desk staff at your hotel for their personal favorites.
  • Take the Turtle Bus Bar around town and experience the nations first moving bar! They do shuttle services from all the major cities around the valley and they also do private parties and weddings, all with a cash bar on the bus not to mention a great atmosphere and a dancing pole that everyone loves!  For reservations: