There are three major museums located in Danbury , each of which gives visitors a different angle on the history of the area.  Travelers will probably want to start their tour of the area’s museums with a trip to the Danbury Museum and Historical Society ( where they can learn general information about the history ( of Danbury.  The museum is actually a complex of buildings made up of several different registered historic landmarks, including the historic Rider House, an old school and an eighteenth century hat shop.  This museum is sometimes referred to as the Danbury Scott-Fanton Museum .  Information about the history of the museum and the exhibits it offers can be found at

One of the most important parts of the history of the region was the development of the railroad in the area.   For that reason, travelers should consider checking out the Danbury Railway Museum which provides information about the railway’s history.   This is an interactive museum which includes tours of old train cars as well as a half hour long train ride.

Finally, the area is closely linked with the history of the United States Military.   That history is preserved and explained to visitors at the Military Museum of Southern New England ( ).