Old Cypress Cemetary

 Located at 100 College Street in Old Saybrook. The cemetary is the oldest continuously operating cemetary in the United States. The land was donated by one the current occupants of the cemetary in 1716. The part of the land that is located near the street is also the birthplace of Yale College today's Yale University. The college land was donated at the same time.

The cemetary is only a couple of acres so an hour is about the right time to poke around. Many of the gravestones are too worn to be read but many are not. Some of the more historic graves have had markers added to give you some basic information. There are period of time such as the early 1900's when there seemed to be few people buried here. There are some graves from the last few years though.

Many people when visiting will feel a bit of history and in that respect it can be a sobering experience. Many of the people buried here had short lives that ended long ago. If you are from the area you will see many familar names. This cemetary was the final destination for many of the leading citizens of the day.

The back of the cemetary looks out onto Long Island Sound and Fenwick. It is a gorgeous view.

Within a quarter of a mile, level terrain are Monument Park and the remnants of a Roundhouse. In the past Saybrook was a vibrant town with Ferries, trains and the like. Seeing these 3 sites should give you a glimpse of a time long ago.