Boca Raton can be loosely divided into the categories incorporated and unincorporated. Of the two, the latter is known to be wealthier.

It is also interesting to note that many residential areas of Boca Raton have been positively influenced by a strong Jewish community, giving a somewhat more unified feel to a city that poses a challenge to a community atmosphere: it is hard to divide the city into many individual neighborhoods because a great number of the homes here are sprawling, making a community feel more difficult. Certainly none of the areas of Boca Raton can accurately be described as quaint or cute – Boca Raton’s charm comes on a much larger and more individual scale. However, Mizner Park does have a bit of a community feel, as it enclosed by the stores and condos and pedestrians pass each other as they walk around the upscale shops.
Atlantic Avenue in nearby Delray Beach is a nice area for strolling (and can be more appropriately, if not entirely accurately, called “quaint”). Again, this is not a residential neighborhood, but a retail-based one, but it provides visitors with a relaxing and entertaining walk among galleries, stores and restaurants.