This is Florida, after all. Don’t pack your sweaters, boots or hats to come to Cape Canaveral. Bring warm-weather clothes and shoes. Highs here are in the 60s even in January and the lows will rarely dip below the 50s.

So you know it’s a warm climate, but is there a better or worse time to visit? It depends what’s important to you. If it’s January or February and you need relief from the cold weather, this is ideal time to head to the Space Coast. Highs will average in the low 60s, while the lows will likely not dip below 50 (and even that might be a little cool to locals).

Heading to Cape Canaveral in the summer will provide you with some challenges. Florida’s heat and humidity are, of course, legendary, but you might also need to think about tropical storms and hurricanes. This is also the rainy season in Cape Canaveral – precipitation averages 6 ½ inches each in the months of July and August. Go in September and the rainfall average jumps to 7 inches. So while you’ll want to bring along sandals and shorts, be sure to pack an umbrella as well.

If you really want to avoid Cape Canaveral humidity, head to the Space Coast in April, when average high temperatures are in the 70s but humidity is at the lowest point you'll see all year.