If you're visiting Cocoa Beach or live in the area, there are someplaces you should know about.  Starting on the north end, actually in Port Canaveral, about a 5 minute drive from the central part of Cocoa Beach.  Here, you will enjoy seafood and nightlife at any of the resaurants in the Cove.  Grills, Fish Lips, and Milliken's Reef are all good choices.  Milliken's reef may be perceived as higher end, but the food is worth it.  Fish Lips and Grills have great food at good prices, and are very casual in nature.  New places to eat at the cove in Port Canaveral include Baha's and Atlantic Seafood (historically a wholesale seafood dealer). 

Making your way South from Port Canaveral, a good pizza and italian eatery is Papa Vitos right on A1A.  They have a very attractive happy hour and early bird dining and the food is fantastic.  You can find coupons of theirs in every publication around.  And if you want delivery, they offer it.  Near there, but a few blocks east of A1A is Canaveral Meats and Deli.  This isn't a restaurant, but the deli sandwhiches are awesome and affordable.  They don't offer a sandwich that costs more than $6.  Its also a great place for groceries.

Continuing south, the best breakfast in the area is at Sunrise Restaurant on 520, about 2 blocks west of A1A.  Its a local eatery with very affordable food.  You can take the whole family to breakfast for $25 or so.  Across the street is Florida's Seafood.  This is a great large gathering restaurant with fantastic fried seafood and lots of options.  You will leave this restaurant full.  Next door to Floridas Seafood is Sunset Bar and Grill.  Stick with the bar at this place, you can watch the sunset and have a cocktail, hence the name.  But if you want to eat, eat somewhere else.

Closer to the beach and still on 520 is Sandbar Sports Bar.  This is the funnest bar in Cocoa Beach after 10pm and the food is very good.  They promote their fish tacos for a reason...they are delightful.  Its a great place for the family before 8pm too.  Just south of there back on A1A is  A NY Pizza house.  Try the mussels in lemon garlic broth with bread knots as an appetizor.  If you order a large pizza, be prepared to be shocked, it will be the biggest pizza you've ever seen outside of a Guiness Worlds Record attempt.

Moving on, if you must have a steak while in Cocoa Beach, eat at Gregory's in the Ocean Landings Resort.  They have a variety of steaks and they provide quality  meats and service.  About a mile south along the Minuteman Causeway, also called downtown Cocoa Beach, are two of the locals favorite places, and for different reasons.  First, Yen Yen Restuarant has authentic chinese.  It is not New York style, so don't expect heavy fried food and MSG.  Instead, try the whole fried snapper, or snow white prawns, and you will be astonished.  Also their special wonton soup is fantastic.  Across the street is Coconuts on the Beach.  This is the only truly oceanfront bar and restaurant this is literally right on the beach, with the sand right in front of you.  Its a great place to start your evening, unwind, and mix and mingle on the tiki deck with an eclectic crowd of locals and out-of-towners.

Finally, last on this list only because it is so far south (and that's how this overview is being written, from North to South) is Taco City.  This small mexican restaurant has authentic mexican with fresh fried taco shells.  And it is surprisingly affordable.  Great place to go to get Mexican food.

Hope this helps you decide where to eat tonight!