There are a plethora of books regarding Coral Gables, the trick is to sift out the ones of disinterest and impracticality to first-time visitors—since many symposiums on politics and computer science have been held in the City Beautiful , there are a number of works out their with the city in the title that have nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Perhaps the best starting point for quality publications would be Seth H. Bramson’s Coral Gables , part of the Images of America series.  Coming in at 128 pages, the book is a visual trip backwards in time to the city’s foundation in the twenties, with shots of landmarks and landscapes from both then and now.  Bramsom has extensive expertise on Floridian history, having lived in Miami-Dade since 1946 and possessing the largest private collection of Miami and Florida memorabilia in the nation.

The City Beautiful’s architecture is a topic of much text, the best of which is probably Coral Gables: Miami Riviera: An Architectural Guide .  A hundred page ode to the cityscape, this guidebook nails all the design and construction that made the Gables what it is today.

Finally, the other Coral Gables , by Roberto M. Behar, Maurice Culot and the greater University of Miami School of Architecture, tackles the same subject in another paperback publication that’s worth a peek.