• Carl Hiassen - just about anything from this South Florida novelist is hilarious.  For years Hiassen has lampooned the truly strange and ultimately Floridian characters that infest the states politics, communities, and prisons.  He is a staff writer for a major Florida newspaper, and if you are looking for a fun and easy read you can do no better than a Hiassen novel.  Some titles you may like are: "Stormy Weather", "Sick Puppy", "Striptease", and for kids "Hoot".
  • Annie Dillard - one of America’s outstanding writers and a part-time resident of Key West.  She is the youngest woman to have ever won the Pulitzer for literature.
  • Ernest Hemingway - One of Key West’s most known writers, Hemingway penned a few of his novels while living in Key West (and it’s nearby neighbor Cuba). "The Old Man & the Sea" is a must read if you have not already.  Even if you have, it’s a wonderful book to revisit while looking out at the Key West water.
  • Last Train to Paradise - Flaglers dream and the hardships encountered building the Overseas Railroad. (Ultimately to become the Overseas Highway / U.S. 1)
  • Randy Wayne White - Another South Florida writer with a series of books featuring Marine Biologist 'Doc Ford'... A man with a mysterious past. First book in the series: Sanibel Flats
  • Tom Corcoran - All Key West. His series is about a Key West photographer, Alex Rutledge, who also does crime scene shots for the local police. He seems to get involved in more murders in a single book than Key West has in a year. First book in the series: The Mango Opera
  • How to Quit your Job and Move to Key West by Christopher Shultz and David Sloan - Light-hearted, humorous view and practical guide on escaping from the rat race. This book might just give you the courage to move to Key West.
  • Key West: Tequila, A Pinch of Salt, and A Quirky Slice of America by Jon Breakfield - One year in the life of a couple who move to Key West. Peels back the veneer and lets you really feel like you are living there. Fun, easy read. 

  • Things to do:
  •  The Florida Keys Paddling Guide (from Key Largo to Key West) by Bill Keogh -Everything you wanted to know about Keys tides, weather, natural history, sea creatures and a comprehensive list of places to launch kayaks and kayak trips/tours
  • Insiders' Guide The Florida Keys and Key West - one of the best and easiest to use travel guides for the Keys and Key West.


  • Key West Travel Guide - for visitors to the island, the viewpoint of these local concierges is very helpful.  Here you will find a very extensive guide to the island, and includes many places and topics not covered by the "official" Key West website.  With all original photos, this is the place to plan out your time on the island.  Here are some quick links to interesting items:  Dry Tortugas, Dinner Cruises, Restaurants, Galleries, Sunset Sails. There plenty more at their website...too much to list here.