Renting motor scooters in Key West can be dangerous. Having said'll see hundreds of people driving scooters here every day. It's an excellent way to get where you need to go, very economical, easy to park, breeze in your face. Typical rates, $50 a day for a single rider, $70 to $100 for a machine that carries two riders, up to 300 lbs. Better rates are available for multi-day rentals....if your visit is not during a special event, such as Fantasy Fest, this is one area where you can negotiate a price.

There are free parking spaces for scooters where cars must feed a meter. Look for groups of parked scoots and white stripes. Be warned! Parking elsewhere may earn you a ticket.

Now the other side. If the agency offers helmets, consider them. It's very cheap  head insurance.

Please pay attention to your "briefing" before you leave. As the owner of a rental company, the most-injured customers were those who bragged of being bikers, motorcycle owners, etc. These are lightweight, weak machines, not motorcycles. They react differently.

Consider bicycles. At $15 a day, they are virtually free. The island is flat.

If you are determined to rent one, the agent and you will "look over" your scooter for any existing/previous damage. Good idea to snap a few photos of your scooter at this point. When you return, unreputable agents can suddenly discover scratches and marks, and charge you for them. It would be wise to have proof to the contrary.

Scooters are motor vehicles. Same as your car back home. Stop at lights, obey all traffic signs, no sidewalks, and DUI's are issued for operating them. No difference from a scooter to a sedan.

There are a large number accidents every year in Key West involving scooters, with visitors and locals both involved. Be aware. The tiny streets can be dangerous. You are quite small in a big truck's mirrors.....locals want you to leave here happy and healthy!