If you are really looking for a different experience in the heart of South Beach, visit The Wolfsonian Museum . Located at 1001 Washington Avenue, themuseum features the most fascinating and weird collection of objects from the modern area. The idea is to show visitors how art and design shape and reflect human experience. The 100,000 artifacts range from fine art, graphic design and political propaganda to furniture, rare books, postcards and travel brochures.

The inside of this Victorian style building will make you feel in Count Dracula's castle and probably the scarce number of visitors (when I went we were only three plus the guards) helps to create a relatively creepy atmosphere. But you will soon engage in the objects and the accompanying texts of the context of the design that will push you to the next object. A thoughtful exhibition design creates a dialogical narrative among the objects.

What objects will you find? From posters of the nazi era, Russian and Soviet propaganda items, to the first electronic devices ever designed including washing up machines; the collection is eclectic and unpredictable.

It is open Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 6 pm and Thursday and Friday to 9 pm. Visitors pay $ 7, students, seniors and kids 6-12 pay $ 5,after 6 pm the admission is free.

The museum has a library with the most extensive collection of books about the social, political, aesthetic and technological issues of the industrial age.

It also houses the Dynamo, a cafe where you can interact with genuine artifacts as you enjoy for $10 a healthy three-course meal. Contrary to the festive atmosphere on the street outside, in here the atmosphere is ideal for conversation or reflection.

 Another good museum is the Bass Museum of Art, newly re-opened.

 And don't forget the cult favorite and quite odd Coral Castle, a self-built stone park of sorts.