Panama City doesn't have any professional teams nearby to root for, but there are still tons of things to do. Because it is located near the water, there are endless possibilities of things to do on the beach. You can lay out in the sun or go swimming, as well as do some fun things like jetskiing and parasailing. If you like snorkeling, the water is clear and you will be able to see some amazing things. You can also go scuba diving, either on your own or with a guided group. Panama City has some smaller teams and club sports that you can join if you will be staying for a long time, or you can just watch and enjoy yourself. Basketball, baseball, tennis, and football are just a few sports you could play while staying at a hotel or resort. There is also some great golfing to do in the area. There are several courses in the area that boast of great links. There are also a bunch of mini golf courses/ driving ranges and bowling alleys in the area. A lot of good concerts come to the area as well, and if you plan on it long enough in advance, you can get some tickets. To check for available tickets and listings, you can check out Panama City Ticket Brokers .