Tallahassee, an area known for its excellent "green space" offers many opportunities and events to those interested in sporting or outdoor activities.

The area offers seven golf courses with many open to public use.  

Tallahassee has 61 beautiful city parks--many which offer amenities such as pools, tennis courts and walking trails.  Some of the best walking/biking trails are located in Maclay Gardens, Elinor Klapp-Phipps park and Tom Brown park.  The national award-winning Tom Brown, in particular, offers basketball courts, soccer fields and baseball diamonds.   Area aquatic centers offering everything from lap pools to elaborate kids play centers are located on the north-side at Trousdell and Jack McLean on the south-side.

In addition, the city offers special sporting events like the Red Hills horse trials (a three day international event which is an Olympic qualifier) held annually in March.

Because of its hilly terrain, Tallahassee is a great area to look for challenging mountain bike trails.  The largest and most popular area is the Tom Brown- Cadillac Trail course located on the east side of town off of Conner Blvd.  These trails can be reached from parking lots at Tom Brown Park or at Lake Piney Z Park.  To mountain bikers from Florida the course offers changes in elevation seen nowhere else in the state.  The track also offers vista views of Lake Lafayette 50-75 feet above the lake bed.  For those used to courses in colder climates, this area presents the opportunity to ride a challenging trail lined with subtropical vegetation such as palmettos and sabal palms.  There are also ample opportunities to view native Florida fauna such as the American Alligator and various species of water birds.  Almost the entire course is shaded, the track fits seamlessly within an old growth forest and the dense tree canopy of the forest remains intact. 

The most comfortable time for outdoor activities is from October through April.  Tallahassee can experience cold days in winter.  But the highs are usually in the 60s or 70s this time of year and the humidity is low.  Summer can bring days of oppressive heat and violent afternoon thunderstorms that can keep any rider off the track.  But the rainy season offers the added attraction of cascading streams and a deeper and more scenic Lake Lafayette.