Columbus has a beautiful airport.  However, it only has one carrier at this time, ASA.  I would recommend this airport except for the staff of ASA and the overzealous TSA workers.  The people at the airport make flying in and out a bit of a hassle without the customary southern charm.  TSA is still known for rummaging through your suitcases and messing up your nicely folded clothes without care.  Because of this I choose to fly in and out of Atlanta.  I either drive to Atlanta or take one of the local van services. 

It takes about the same amount of time to drive the hour and a half from Atlanta Airport to Columbus as it does to change planes and fly in.  It may even save some money to skip the extra flight to Columbus.  Nevertheless, if you don’t mind the rough treatment at the Columbus Airport, it is very convenient.

While in Columbus, you will need a car.  The only other option is to take the local Taxi service.  Public transportation is really nonexistent.